Renowned for the versatility in providing Electroplating and Galvanizing solutions to industries

About Us

Hylite Group specializes in offering wide-ranging metal finishing services. Our versatile services-portfolio includes electroplating and galvanizing solutions to industries such as automobiles, electronics, wind and solar power, heavy engineering, electrical and construction and many more.

Hylite Group was established in 1943. Initially, our corporate footprint was very small; we were an electroplating plant situated in South Bombay, and we catered to local industrial requirements. As business flourished, we witnessed significant growth that was complemented with the adaptation to newer technologies in the metal finishing industry. Today, with eight plants spread in locations across Mumbai and Pune, the Hylite Group has become a leading provider in the metal finishing processes category; we also expedite engineering solutions on a turnkey basis.


Leading company in metal finishing processes

Currently, Hylite Group consist of 7 plants with 23 different metal surface coatings to offer. Please refer the process available in our services section.

Hot-dip Galvanizing

Hot-dip galvanization is a form of galvanization. It is the process of…


We offer a wide range of electroplating services.

Zinc Flake Coating

Zinc flake coatings are non-electrolytically applied coatings…

PTFE coating

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene…

Galvanized Products

We offer a variety of Galvanizing services ranging from: Galvanized Earthing Strips, Zinc flake coated fasteners, Solar Structures.


The story of our success

Historically Hylite Group started off in 1943 as an electroplating plant in South Mumbai catering to local industrial requirements. With progressive growth and adaptation to newer technologies in the metal finishing industry it is now a group of eight plants spread across Mumbai and Pune providing a variety of metal finishing processes and also engineering solutions on turnkey basis.


With energy and expertise in technology and innovation

Our Process

Our factory consists of dedicated, professional experts whose constant aim is to offer unique services and support to our market. Our reason to exist is to support customers in improving the performance of their technological processes, ensuring continuity and sustainably maximizing value.


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